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IL-7 acts at many levels of T-cell maturation to
support immune responses


IL-7 enriches T-cell function across the cancer immunity cycle

4. Trafficking of T cells to tumors

IL-7 favors T cell tumor infiltration increasing CXCR3 and TGF-β

IL-7 increases T cell counts 

CD4 T cells support CD8 T cell function

2. APC cancer antigens presentation

3. Priming activation of T cells

5. Infiltration of T cells into tumors

6. Recognition of cancer cells by T cells

IL-7 increases TCR repertoire diversity and TCR sensitivity to tumor antigens

IL-7 activates T cells to produce IFN-γ

1. Release of cancer antigens

7. Killing of cancer cells

Adapted from Chen Mellman
The Cancer Immunity Cycle
Immunity 39, July 25 2013

IL-7 shapes patients' T cells for immunotherapy success


IFN-γ ELISpot assay: each spot is a lymphocyte producing IFN-γ in response to SARS-Co-V2 antigens

Without IL-7 treatment

With IL-7 treatment

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